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Case Studies

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Mount Gay 1703 Old Cask Selection.

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Trademark - The names Mount Gay and 1793 are both registered trademarks internationally.

Industrial Design - The unique shape and relief art work of the Mount Gay Rum bottle has become an ownable equity. It goes some way to distinguishing the product as a premium brand and could be registered to prevent others from copying it's exact form.

Geographical Indication - Each bottle carries the Barbados Rum mark, an assurance to the consumer of the high quality and geographical origin.

Trade Secret - The exact quantities of the 44 blends that make up the 1703 Old Cask Selection are a close guarded secret.

Coca Cola

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Trademark - The name Coca-Cola is an internationally registered trademark, along with all of the Coca-Cola Company’s sub-brands: Diet Coke, Coke Zero, Vanilla Coke etc.

Industrial Design - The hour glass shape of the Coca-Cola bottle has become a recognised trademark of the brand. It was first introduced in 1916, there was a worry that the original straight sided bottle was not distinctive enough and that it would become easily confused with ‘copy cat’ brands. 100 years later it is still recognisable and an essential brand equity.

Trade Secret - Very few people know the exact secret formula of Coca-Cola. It is a closely guarded secret and integral to the success of the brand internationally. If the secret formula became well known, competitors tailoring their own formulas to taste like Coca-Cola would severely dilute the brand.


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Trademark - Both Cadbury and Dairy Milk are registered trademarks. The iconic 'glass and a half' artwork is also registered. The specific colour purple (Pantone 2865c) has become synonymous with Cadbury's chocolate but is not a registered trademark, in 2012 it momentarily won a court case preventing other chocolate manufacturers from using the colour. However the following year Nestle won an appeal to overturn the previous ruling, with the UK courts stating that Cadbury's formulation does not comply with the requirements for trademark registration.

Industrial Design - The tooling of the mould that gives the chocolate it's form, with each square branded is an industrial design.


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Trademark - The word Pringles and it's logo are a registered trademark. Originally Procter & Gamble (the inventors of the product) tried to register the name as 'Pringles Newfangled Potato Chip' but another American snack manufacture objected to the trademark, stating that it failed to meet the definition of potato 'chip'. In 1975 the US Food and Drugs Administration ruled that Pringles were not allowed to use 'chip' in their name and thus became solely know as Pringles.

Industrial Design - The form of it's distinctive cylindrical packaging is enough to stand out on a shelf and has become synonymous with the brand.

Patent - The shape of Pringles was originally patented by Proctor & Gamble in the 1960's, invented by one of their chemists to solve the many consumer complaints about broken, stale and greasy crisps. By manufacturing the crisps in a tube rather than a bag, many of these problems were solved. The patent has since expired.

Red Label.

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Trademark - Both Johnnie Walker and Red Label are registered trademarks internationally. Johnnie Walker also own the international rights to the 'gentleman walking' logo. There have been cases in the past where companies have attempted to use a similar 'gentleman walking' logo with Johnnie Walker subsequently successfully objecting.

Industrial Design - The distinctive square shape of the Johnnie Walker bottle is a registered design as well as the angled label which makes the bottle stand out on the shelf when amongst other whisky brands.

Trade Secret - The exact blends of whisky that go into Johnnie Walker Red label are a trade secret and only known by a select few master blenders.

Geographical Indication - Johnnie Walker is distilled and bottled in Scotland. Because of its geographical indication it has managed to build a strong reputation and is the world's number one blended Scotch whisky.

Patent - The pouring capacitor that is attached to the bottle to limit its flow and to prevent counterfeit whisky from being poured back in once empty is functional and eligible for patent protection.

Caribbean Blue.

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Trademark - The name Caribbean Blue is a registered trademark. The chemistry flask that makes up the logo is a key ownable equity.

Geographical Indication - Having the 'Made in Saint Lucia' stamp strengthens the brand and enables them to build a reputable correlation around the quality of the product and it's geographic origin.

Certification Mark - Being certified as organic and natural has a huge impact on products. With consumers becoming more aware of the ingredients that go into the products they use, certification marks are key to supporting the brand.


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Trademark - The word mark CNN is a registered trademark internationally hence the use of the ® symbol. The later Brand42 addition of the globe is not registered, however the ™ to the top right hand corner indicates to the world that CNN are taking ownership of the globe artwork.


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Trademark - The word mark Persil is a globally registered trademark.

Industrial Design - The distinctive shape and form of the Persil bottle is a trademark unique to the brand.

Patent - The unique Persil ball increases the speed of which detergent mixes with water in a washing machine and is a novel invention that would be eligible for patent protection.